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Posted by on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 at 4:38pm.

Wanted to touch on an interesting piece of Nicholasville Kentucky news that I saw today.  There is a proposed new toll road that would connect U.S. 27 in Nicholasville, to I-75.  The new road would would cross the Kentucky River and give direct access to/from Jessamine and Madison Counties.  The estimated cost for this new road is estimated to be between $181 - $245 million.  If tolls cost $1 for cars, and $2 for trucks, it is estimated that this road would pay for itself in approximately 30 years.

This certainly could of interest to all persons that own Nicholasville KY real estate along this corridor.  The Jessamine County Judge Executive has spoken in favor of this proposed plan as it would potentially provide better business opportunities within the county.  However, one important point to note: the proposed roadway would be limited access, which would mean there would be few interchanges for accessing the roadway along its route - perhaps 2 besides the one at I-75.

One big stumbling block is the budget concerns currently for state government.  Taking on a new big project simply is going to be resisted due to economic concerns by some of the powers that be.  But, on the plus side in favor of this project, is that the proposed Nicholasville road design is already in the state highway plan - so its not like its an entirely new project.

It could mean some big changes for persons that own land or homes along the proposed route.  Definitely something that should be paid attention to by all property owners to find out how its going to impact their property, positively or negatively.

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